Hold Onto Your Blessing

I am surrounded by majestic mountains rising high above me and beautiful lush trees that create a canopy over me. It's in a place like this that I can't help but see God and hear His voice so clearly.

Right behind me are beautiful vineyards and great acorn trees.

In the middle of this great vineyard, where there is an abundant harvest, my eye is drawn to the unwanted weeds that grow alongside the vines.

The Lord reminds me that we need to weed our own garden.

God has given you an amazing life. He's made every possibility open to you and what He has created in you is good.

If you don't weed the garden, the weeds begin to choke the plants and will destroy your harvest. 

The enemy will continually try to come and plant "weeds" in your mind, your heart and your life to lie to you and choke out the Word of God.

The quality of your "soil" is up to you.

Jesus told us that when seed is sown, not all the soil is good. Only about twenty five percent of the seeds that are sown fall on good soil. The other falls on rocky soil, some were scorched by the sun and withered away. The birds of the air come to steal the seeds.

These different scenarios offer us insight into different situations that we face every day. Rocky soil is areas of our life that we refuse to hear God's wisdom and allow His Word to change us. The seeds that are scorched by the sun are God's Words that try to grow, but we doubt that they are for us and we let them go. The Words that are stolen by the birds are those that come, but the voice of the enemy is stronger and we believe the lie.

You have power. Do not let the enemy steal what God has blessed you with.

Weed your own garden, take time and take care of it to ensure that when seeds are sown into your life, they fall on good soil.

When a seed falls on good soil, it produces a massive harvest.

As the Word of God hits soil that is teachable, ready and has faith it will grow to maturity. Hold on to the promises of God over your life, they will produce a harvest 

"But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty." Matthew 13:8

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